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Here at Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities, our staff proudly support the independence of individuals with disabilities through peer support, advocacy, and self-sufficiency programs.

Please contact us for more information about our leadership in Pierce County. Below is a directory of TACID staff members.

The phone number for contacting TACID is 253.565.9000. To reach a specific staff member, please dial the TACID phone number and when prompted, the staff member's extension number.

If you wanting to reach the Behavioral Health Ombuds, you can do so directly by calling 253.302.5311 or 1.800.531.0508

If you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an e-mail application set up, you may select an e-mail address for fast messaging.

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TACID building picture front view


Nola Renz portrait

Nola Renz

Executive Director

Extension Number: 12

E-Mail: nola@tacid.org

Patty Dunham portrait

Patty Dunham

Executive Assistant

Extension Number: 22

E-Mail: patty@tacid.org

Walter Williams portrait

Walter Williams

Day Program Coordinator

Extension Number: 14

E-Mail: walter@tacid.org

Michelle Tinkler portrait

Michelle Tinkler

Behavioral Health Ombuds

Extension Number: 11



E-Mail: michelle@tacid.org

Princene Johnson portrait

Princene Johnson

Behavioral Health Ombuds

Extension Number: 20



E-Mail: princene@tacid.org

Barbara Glenn-Williams portrait

Barbara Glenn-Williams

Information and Referral Specialist

Extension Number: 24

E-Mail: barbara@tacid.org

Marsha Doman-Masters portrait

Alan Yee

Front Desk Assistant

E-Mail: alan@tacid.org

Lisas Stiebrs portrait

Lisa Stiebrs

Certified Peer Specialist

Extension Number: 33

E-Mail: lisa@tacid.org

Janine Rodriguez-Colletta

Janine Rodriguez-Colletta

Peer Support Specialist

Wellness & Recovery Program

Extension Number: 25

Email: janine@tacid.org

Lori Allison portrait

Lori Allison

Braille Instructor

E-Mail: lori@tacid.org

Tammy Tison portrait

Tammy Tison

Office Assistant

Extension Number: 10

E-Mail: tammy@tacid.org

Mesa Winter portrait

Mesa Winter

Wellness & Recovery Manager

Extension Number: 38

E-Mail: mesa@tacid.org

Rebecca Jimenez

Rebecca Jimenez

Volunteer Coordinator

Extension Number: 17

E-Mail: rebecca@tacid.org


  • Johannah Franich - I.T. Services
  • Kari Hilderbrand - Marketing
  • Lisa Leonard - Accountant
  • Billy Woodley - Janitorial Services