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Our Programs

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Wellness & Recovery

This program at TACID offers Peer Support Groups focused on wellness, recovery and resiliency for people with both visible and invisible disabilities. The Peer Support Model is an evidence-based practice for building hope, empowerment and social connection through the sharing of common experiences, challenges and solutions between peers. The Wellness & Peer Support Program also provides connections for TACID members to a wide variety of community resources as needed. TACID also offers informal social gatherings and events that help create a supportive community.

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Behavioral Health Ombuds

Service for Pierce County are at TACID and assists individuals who are enrolled in Medicaid-funded behavioral health services to resolve grievances with their behavioral health provider. The degree to which the Ombuds service is involved varies and is up to the individual requesting the services.

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Information & Referral Services

These services provide in-depth information about community resources to people with disabilities, their family members, friends and providers. This service connects people to programs and supports primarily in the Pierce County Area.

Our Services

Groups & Activities

TACID promotes wellness to individuals and community through our peer groups, workshops, and training, and by providing effective, innovative and high quality service via our core business of peer support, advocacy and self-sufficiency. TACID engages the community, stakeholders, and participants in activities that are effective in promoting advocacy, self-direction, and self-sufficiency for people with disabilities so that individuals and the community recognize tangible benefits.

Partner Community-Based Peer Support

Community-based peer support groups meet at TACID on a regular basis, providing individuals with disabilities opportunities to network, share strategies for daily living, and to create strong social connections in the community.