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Behavioral Health Ombuds

What is the Ombuds Service?

An independent Ombuds service is required by law to assist publicly funded behavioral health consumers with complaints and grievances, and other processes. Consumers can request help with filing and resolving complaints, grievances and Fair Hearings.

The Ombuds service strives to ensure that behavioral health consumers have their rights respected while receiving services. The Ombuds service is free of charge.

Who is Eligible for Behavioral Health Ombuds Service?

Any person receiving services from publicly funded behavioral health providers in Pierce County may use the Ombuds service. Those who have requested behavioral health services and been denied are also eligible.

Family members, friends, and others involved in the consumer’s life may also make a complaint or express a concern.

How do I reach Behavioral Health Ombuds?

Behavioral Health Ombuds can be reached by calling one of the following numbers:

253-302-5311 or 1.800.531.0508

Behavioral Health Benefits Book

The following is a link to an online copy of the Behavioral Health Benefits Book which can assist in understanding how behavioral services can be accessed.

The copy is available in several languages.

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Forms and Brochures

Below are links to authorization forms and information brochures that may be required when requesting the Behavioral Health Ombuds service.

The forms and brochures can be downloaded directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet.