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Wellness & Recovery

Peer Support Groups

Peer Support is people with shared experience giving and receiving support with each other. The peer support model is an evidence-based practice that focuses on recovery and wellness rather than illness or disability. Peer Support can be one of the most significant tools a person can use in their recovery.

While it takes courage to join a new group, new members quickly realize they are among people who truly understand their unique challenges and they have tools to share with the group from their own personal experience.

Each person is the architect of their recovery journey but together we create a community of hope, support, and empowerment – a powerful combination for recovery.

Special Events and Trainings

Throughout the year, special events and trainings are offered at TACID. We invite you to join in community potlucks, a variety of trainings and workshops, as well as our TACID fundraiser. Information about upcoming special events and trainings can be found at TACID Online on FaceBook and on our website calendar of groups and events.

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Certified Peer Counselor Internships

TACID offers Certified Peer Counselors an opportunity to put their peer skills into practice in a supervised onsite internship. This experience can be useful to add to a resume as well as building new skills. Certified Peer Counselor interns learn to facilitate peer groups and interact with TACID members as part of our peer community.

The internship application and selection process is designed as a job interview format and does have skill requirements beyond being certified by the state. Internship slots are limited to assure quality supervision.